I’m a broadcast journalism major. I work and go to classes full time. If you think that’s chaotic, I go home to two cats, Ping and Pong. Gotta love the little things they do to make my days better.


Ping: 2.5 year old Tuxedo cat. He’s been my pride and joy since day one. Just gotta love him. When I get back from work, he sits by the door and never fails to greet me when I walk in. When I’m upset or sick, he seems to know and sits with me until I’m all cheered up.


(The first day I got Ping)

Pong: 1.5 year old red tabby kitten. He’s been such a joy to have. He’s a big talker and I feel as if he keeps Ping young. I think he keeps us all young. He’s been a challenge to have but he’s teaching us all patience and the true meaning of love. I think Pong thinks he’s part dog or something because he LOVES to lick people.


(Taken two days after I found him)


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