Mind Readers

Cats are mind readers. Period.

Have to work on homework? Ping’s in the computer chair.


Want to go to bed? He’s there too. 


Have to use the restroom? Forget it. Because now he’s sitting on the toilet.


Cat’s never cease to amaze me. Then sense when you’re sad, hurt, upset, and happy. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. When I’m about to cry, Ping is brushing up on my legs to cheer me up. Either that or he’s hungry and I’ve somehow neglected to feed him.

So I try my best to be a mind reader back. The best way to tell what a cat’s “feeling” is by watching his or her tail movements.

1) When Ping twitches his tail, usually that means he’s annoyed at something that i’m doing. Or annoyed at the new member of the family, Pong.

2) When he quickly swishes his tail, and wiggles his butt, usually that’s my cue to run and jump on the bed. Because chances are, there’s a really big spider crawling around, or a mouse.

3) Sometimes, he arches his back and puff his tail. This is Ping’s (or any cat for that matter) way of communicating that something scared him. Usually I’ll try and alleviate the fear by scarring whatever it is away.

4) When a cat has their tail high up in the air, this is a good sign. It means he or she is comfortable and happy at the moment. When Ping does this, I usually call his name and he meows in return 🙂

5) While Ping or Pong has never done this to me, they’ve done it while they’re play fighting. Ping (or Pong) will thrash their tail violently. This means “Stop! I’ve had enough!!” And usually it’s best not to try and get in the middle. Unless you want a scratched up arm…

6) My favorite is when i walk in the door after school or work and both Ping and Pong are waiting right behind the door for me. Then as I step in the doorway, they walk towards me, rub against my leg, and use their tails to “hug” my leg. This usually means they want attention or affection. So I make sure to reach down and pick each of them up and greet them with plenty of hugs and kisses.

I feel that being able to communicate via body language helps the cats and I understand each other better. It breaks the barrier of language between us since we can’t effectively communicate. Understanding your dog or cats body language helps you to live together harmoniously. It makes them feel like not just your pet, but an actual member of the family. It’s vital to watch for your cats body language, as they watch for yours.

Happy trails to you all 🙂




2 thoughts on “Mind Readers

  1. Haha, I wish my cat was more of a mind reader. A lot of the time when I call him to come & eat he doesn’t come. I have to keep coming back & calling until he comes. He does usually come, if not the first time, the second time I call though. He’s kind of got two homes. My house, & the house across the street. Before I went over there & cleared everything up he had gotten friendly with our neighbors & would go over there a lot, most of the time he got some food, & sometimes he would even go inside. They have a girl cat that looks a lot like my cat, so they would sometimes get confused & let mine in instead of theirs. When I went & told them he was mine & everything they laughed. 🙂

    • I’m sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner. I was just rereading some comments and realized that I never responded. Have you ever read the book “Charlie Anderson”? If not, I would suggest it. It’s about a cat with two homes. It’s cute. Used to be my favorite childhood book. My cat Hunter ran off over a year ago. My neighbor across the street has a cat that looks just like Hunter. I often thought they might have my cat inside their house instead of their cat. They kind of creep me out so I never had the courage to go ask. I hope wherever Hunter is, he’s at least happy.

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