Today, I thought I’d share about traveling with cats. It’s like traveling with kids. One is excited and eager to go, while the other fights you every step of the way.

Image Image

It’s always interesting to travel with cats. No matter where you are, someone always wants to pet the cats. Then they ask their names, where they come from, what breed, how old, where you’re going, why you’re bringing your cat, and then makes a million comments about how cute and well behaved both Ping and Pong are.

Well behaved…Pshh. If only they knew what goes into traveling with a cat…Having to deal with the airline, getting all the necessary shots before traveling, organizing their health certificates and rabies tags, flea treatment, sedatives, potty pads, clean carriers, plenty of toys, and extra food….Just in case.

As much of a pain as it can be, it turned out to be beneficial for me in more ways then one. First major benefit, you get on every plane first. This is great for me because then I get situated and have a spot for my carry on before anyone else does. Secondly, I usually get to sit by myself. Very rarely do I have to sit by someone which is an added bonus because I get to sleep. In peace.

But the greatest adventure had to be about two Christmas’ ago. I was traveling back home to my parents house. My plane from Montgomery to Atlanta ran late and I missed the last flight to El Paso (my destination). I was stuck, scared, and lost in the airport where I was pushed into a line of those who had also missed their flight. The lady set me up in a hotel, in Atlanta. Somewhere I know very little about. Needless to say, the lady put me in a hotel that didn’t allow animals so my dad had to make phone calls, even though he was thousands of miles away, just to get Ping and I set up in a hotel.

As scared and upset as I was, I knew I had Ping with me so I didn’t feel so alone. I had him to share a hotel room with in the middle of what appeared to be a sketchy part of Atlanta. I don’t think I could have done it without him and my dad.

While traveling with a cat can have it’s ups and downs, it’s always nice to have a traveling companion.

The last time I traveled, Pong was with us too. And he was just not going to have it. He got right into his carrier, sedated and all, but did not want to fall asleep for the life of him. He kept his eyes open with every ounce of energy he had in him. The film protective cover on a cats eyes were almost engulfing his whole eye and he STILL didn’t want to close them. He could barely hold his head up and he looked fairly drunk. I couldn’t get a good picture of how silly he looked but here’s the best I could find via


Poor baby.

Anyway, if I had to recommend anything before you travel with you’re cat on the plane, I’d say get the accustomed to traveling by car. Ping spent some much time in the car growing up, he doesn’t mind traveling by plane. Although, he puts up a good fight to get into the carrier to begin with, you’ll have to look at my boyfriends arms for further proof.

But, cost aside, traveling with your pet in general is a fun experience and I’d recommend it to anyone that can afford it. It’s a great bonding experience and you meet a lot of really cool people.

With that said, Pong has the right idea in going to bed,


Night my fellow cat lovers!


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