I love the way you lie

We all know that people lay in different positions when they sleep, but what does it mean for cats to lay in certain positions?

Today we’re going to analyze what it means for a cat to lay in a certain position.

First, is the back sleeper:


Cats sleep in the position much like people and dogs do. This is a sign of trust. Cats sleep on their backs with their paws up in the air when he or she feels the safest and most comfortable. This can also be a sign of submission. Cats are dominant creatures as well. Like dogs, when they’re not feeling threatened or don’t feel the need to express their dominance, they lay in this position. Another theory is that, because their bellies are the least furry areas of their body, they sleep in this position to cool off.

Second, is the cuddling kitties

ImageIt’s funny that as much as Ping beats up Pong, he still cuddles with him when Pong comes up to sleep on the chair. This position can mean one of two things. First being that he’s showing affection. As aloof as cats can be, they crave attention and affection from time to time. Ping is showing Pong that he trusts him and that he feels a special bond with his little brother. Which makes me think that all the fighting and hissing is just a ploy. This could also mean that Ping is cold, while Pong is warm. Cats lose a lot of heat when they’re sleeping. Ping might have been cold and knew that Pong was too warm and they were balancing each other out.

Third is the kitty loaf


This is my second favorite cat position. I’ve noticed that cats do this when it’s cold. I’ve never noticed it in the summer. This is another position that has to do more with body heat then comfort. Cats tuck their paws in like this to keep them warm. If you’ve ever taken a cat out of this position, you can feel how cold the padding of their feet are. It usually doesn’t mean much more than they’re trying to stay warm.

Last, that I have a picture of, is my favorite. The free faller.


This is a good position for a lot of reasons. Typically it means that your cat is health. If a cat or dog lies like this, usually they have good hips. This is a comfort thing for the same reason that a person would lie in bed like this on their belly. It’s a sign of good health, comfort, trust, and that he’s too hot. While this may be a comfortable position for him, he could also be trying to tell/show you that he’s hot because he has his body spread out to get the most area of his body cooled off at one time.

Cats have many ways of showing us how they feel through the use of body language. Fortunately, their body language is easy enough for us to interpret. Their ears, bodies, meows, and tails all have ways of communicating to us. It’s our job to pick up on it 🙂

Have a great Friday, Caturday, and Sunday!



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