The Birds and the Cats

Introducing your cats to a different cat can be difficult. The older cat may feel replaced, or no longer important to their owner. But introducing your cat to a different species is even more difficult.


This week we received a shipment of biddies. A biddy is a baby chicken. We got them when they were only three days old.


While they grow fast, it’s better to introduce them at a young age so they gain a mutual respect for the others in the household. Having the two different species separated is probably the best idea. The biddies are kept in an old dog kennel until they’re big enough to venture out into the world and fend for themselves. Since they’re in a kennel, this allows the cats and biddies to get acquainted while keeping them safe from each other.

Ever heard of curiosity killed the cat?


Now usually, with cats being introduced to other cats, after three days of this slight separation (so they can get used to each others scent) it’s safe to introduce them face to face. Usually the best way to do this with cats is to bring the two cats together in calm enviornment and have treats, wet food, regular food, and/or toys so the two+ cats associate new cats with yummy food. Now with two different species, the same goes. While biddies aren’t the smartest creatures, they know good food when they eat it.


The biggest thing to remember is that a cats strength greatly exceeds that of a chicken. So while two cats can be best friends in a matter of a couple of days, it may take weeks or months before cats and chicks can walk together. That is, of course, unless you raise the two side by side together.

Just make sure to give both the cat(s) and chick(s) (or other animal) plenty of love and affection. So that neither one feels that they are less liked than the other.

This may be an exhausting process for both you and your cat,


But I promise it’s worth it to see the beautiful friendship that evolves between the two species.

However, in the end, cats prefer to stick with their kind, and their owners of course.


Don’t give up all my fellow kitty lovers 😀

Just when you think your feline companion has given up, they always find a way to amaze you.


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