What are you trying to in-furr?

Something we’ve been struggling with lately is Pong meowing. Constantly.

Litter box? Clean.

Food? Full.

Water? Cleaned and full.

Toys? All over the room.

I tried to get an accurate recording of Pong doing this constantly, but it wouldn’t come out right on the sound recorder. So I found this sound clip on youtube and uploaded it to the Kitty Comedy Website. Check it out! http://jschool.troy.edu/~advtech108/required.html

I did a lot of research on this and it says that cats do this typically to get what they want, much the same as a crying baby. Once they figure out they get what they want from meowing, they do it constantlyBut what does he want?? His food is full, the litter box is clean, the water has recently been emptied out, cleaned, and filled back up. AND his toys are every where in the room.

So I dug my nails into the subject deeper. People said maybe it’s a medical problem. So we took him to the vet. Nothing wrong. Of course. Then I tried to determine when he was doing it the most.

It’s when I come home, when I’m lounging around, when I’m doing homework, when I’m playing computer games, sleeping, leaving the room (temporarily)…. Basically any time he’s not the center of attention.

So when he started to meow, I would make it a point to “carry a conversation” with him. Which seemed to satisfy him. But then he started doing it more. When I was in the shower, putting in my contacts, fixing my makeup, even going to the restroom.

As adorable as it is. It needed to stop.

So in an article online, I found that it’s best to let them just “meow it out”. Give him attention when he’s quiet and not when he’s meowing constantly.

This seems to be working.

I know I’m not the only one with this problem. If you have a cat that just loves to talk, check the following:

Make sure the cat box is clean

The food is full

The water is clean and full. (You wouldn’t wanna drink out of a dirty cup, what makes you think your cat would?)

Do they have toys or stuff to entertain them?

Are they lonely?

Are they aging?


In heat?


Or maybe they’re just greeting you. Studies show that cats like to interact with their humans. Even if there is a language barrier, cats like to be talked to, brushed, played with, and cuddled. If they’re an indoor cat, open the window and let them look outside.

Sometimes I blow bubbles and the cats love to chase them. It’s bonding time for you and your babies 🙂

Just remember, as annoying as it can sometimes be, there’s usually a reason they’re doing it.

Cats seem to read our moods and feed off of them, so it’s our job to be a friend back and figure out what’s causing the constant meow.

Sleep well cat lovers ❤


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