Cat got yer tongue?

I often wondered, when I get ready in the mornings before school or work, Ping or Pong comes into the bathroom as soon as they hear the water from the faucet running. Then the proceed to drink out of it. And if the faucet isn’t running, Ping likes to push his dish around to make the water flow back and forth. When Pong does this, he usually knocks over the whole water dish.

So why do cats do this?

One theory is that cats prefer running water so they like to move the water around to create this effect. Seems pretty reasonable to me since they both come running when the faucet water is running.

Another theory is that of scents. Cats like to “rub” their scent on anything and everything so that they can claim in as their property.

The last theory is that the cat is trying to tell you that they’re displeased with the temperature or appearance of the water. This seems to make sense too.

Whatever the case is, it’s probably best to just switch their water out once or twice a day.

But not only do they like to get their “paws” wet, but I witness Ping “digging” around the water bowl when he’s actually drinking. And I had no idea what this meant at first.

Apparently, cats pick this up when they are nursing kittens. They “dig” on their moms belly to push out more milk. So cats “dig” around the water bowl because it becomes habit to try and get more while they’re drinking.

Another reason that they do this is because, back before cats were domesticated, they would have to dig in the dirt for their water. So any combination of these two things could be the reason that they “dig” next to their water bowl.

Researching cat behavior helps you build a stronger bond with your feline companion

Happy trails!


p.s. video coming soon. am out of town and can’t upload the video I have of Ping and these behaviors.


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