Cat’s Cradle

Something I’ve been wondering a lot lately is, what does my cat do when I’m not around?

Between school wrapping up, work, and constant visits to the doctor, I’m seldom home it seems.

One things for sure, if you’re not going to be around very often, it’s always nice to have another cat or pet around the house for your cat to interact with.

Ping, in this case, has Pong. And vice versa. Which is always nice.

A study shows that an animal behaviorist actually attached cameras that took photos every 15 minutes throughout the day of 50 house cats. The findings were very interesting. 22% of cats spent time looking out of the household windows, 12% of their time was utilized by interacting with other family pets. 8% of time was spent climbing on chairs, kitty condos, book shelves, etc. While only 6% of their time was actually spent sleeping.

This surprises me, because I always imagined that cats spend most all of their time during the time sleeping or eating.

To continue, 777 of those photos showed the cats looking at a blank TV, computer, DVDS, or other various types of media (which accounts for 6% of the time) and 6% hiding under tables. 5% was playing with their toys, and eating or looking at food ended the study with a mere 4%.

This makes me appreciate the time I”m home with them, petting them, and playing around with them. Whenever we walk in the door after being gone all day, they demand a lot of attention and affection.

I think it’d be interesting to follow them around when I get home today to see what they do when someone is home. See if the results vary at all.


-happy trails!-

(video by 4/12/2013)


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