Wings of an Angel

I know school is over and I don’t have to continue writing this blog, but I feel like I owe it to the few of you that have been reading this blog and following it.

Soo yesterday, I was just relaxing after a long night at work. A random cat showed up. It was a really pretty brown color and it’s face was scratched up and bitten. I felt so horrible.

Of course I fed it, gave her some milk, and opened the door so she could chose to leave whenever she felt safe.

She was gone this morning. I can’t help but feel sad that she left.

I guess I should explain myself further.

My grandma, on my mom’s side, was such an advocate for animals. She loved each and every type of animal there was in the world. She was the one person I know that could sit outside for hours and just watch the birds come and go as they pleased. She also helped out at the zoo. I used to love watching her work with the dolphins.

When I was younger, I was determined that I was going to be a marine biologist and swim with the dolphins whenever I pleased. I guess things change considering the fact that I’m not a broadcast journalism major.

Anyway, she passed away when I was twelve. Ovarian cancer claimed her life and she passed in her sleep. Can’t say that that’s a bad way to go. But the whole family was devastated.

Ever since then, anytime a wounded or stray animal comes into any of our lives, we feel like it’s a sign from Grandma that she’s still watching over us. So I take it upon myself to provide food and shelter to these animals until they’re strong enough to get back on their feet and saunter off on their own.

Sometimes, I wonder how they know where I am. How do they know it’s safe when they reach my door? It absolutely has to be a sign from my grandmother.

It makes me feel like she’s testing me. Making sure that even on my worst of days, which yesterday certainly was pretty terrible, she wants to know that my heart is still in the right place. That I’m still willing to help others.

In another sense, I know she knows it makes me feel good. I enjoy the feeling of a helpless animal coming to me for guidance. I know it’s depressing for them, but to know that someone out there loves and cares for them, well that’s gotta amount to something, right?

And to my cat, Hunter, who ran away a little over a year ago, I hope someone out there has shown you the same gentleness, love, and compassion that I would have shown you if you were a stray that came to my door.

ImageIn loving memory of Hunter ❤

 And Grandma Burdick.

Love you both ❤


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