Welcome back Kitty Lovers

So sorry I didn’t write all summer. It was a long, hot, rainy, humid summer. Terribly humid. 

Anyway, this blog is a requirement for another class. Yay! That means I’ll be writing at least once a week again.

So. For all of you tuning in for the first time, or my old friends and fellow kitty lovers, let me reintroduce what exactly Kitty Comedy is all about.

Well, first off, my name is Sarah. I’m a broadcast journalism major with a contract in Public Relations and a minor in ASL. All over the board, right? I’ve never been able to pick just one thing. Until it came to cats. I am an avid cat lover. I used to not like cats very much until Ping. He’s been my pride and joy for the past two years.


This is mostly because I was going through a rough spot in my life and he stuck by me every step of the way.

A year after Ping, came Pong.


Even with as much mischief that he gets in to, I still love him to pieces.

This blog was designed to share my crazy adventures, and difficult feats that come with being an avid cat lover.

So I hope you all enjoy 🙂



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