Animal Planet

Hello my fellow kitty lovers!

I was going to use this blog to write about an issue that I recently had to overcome with Pong…Again.

But instead I’m going to talk about cats and television. I read somewhere that cats can’t see stuff on TV. I never questioned it or even researched it further.

But when I channel surf, Pong will come up and sit by me and stare at the TV. Especially whenever Dog with a Blog is on.

And on Friday, I was watching Animal Planet. When I turned around, I witnessed this:ImageImage

Sooo, what do only certain shows interest cats, the same as they do with humans?

Most websites had to say that cats typically watch shows with fish, mice, birds, and other prey to the feline species. But this didn’t help me in the fact that my cats watch things other than nature shows.

I had to do a TON of digging to find someone that related to me. When I found a fellow blogger. Pamela Merritt of said that her cat liked to watch the credits of The Matrix. She goes on to say that cats aren’t trying to decipher the story, like we do, they’re trying to interpret shapes and motions.

Pamela’s cat, Tristan, likes to watch the credits because they mimick the motions of nature. While we see people and things, a cats vision is so sensitive that they see patterns and movements.

If a cat doesn’t have access visto a window, they typically take to the TV to feed their visual cravings. Cats are very visual creatures. And the more I’ve observed, the more I’ve noticed that when it’s dark, and I’ve shut the blinds, that’s when they take interest in watching TV.

Pamela does say, however, that it is important to interact with your cat as their watching television for two reasons.

1) Typically, they’re craving attention of some sort and need something to stimulate their mind. So it’s vital to make sure the cat has plenty of toys.

2) They have a tendency to get too into some TV programs and need to be reminded that it’s just TV. If you don’t, your TV or your cat could wind up hurt.

With that said, have fun watching your cats be entertained!



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