Attention (Hog) Cat

Don’t get me wrong…I love Pong to death. But WHY does he crave so much attention??

When I do homework, he sits on it.


When I take a bath, he stares at it.


When I watch TV, he has to sit an watch it with me.


When I fix my hair and makeup, he meows constantly.


When I do my homework on the computer, he has to watch what I do.


And when I’m eating, he glares at me.


So WHY does he do this??

Well, there are a NUMBER of different reasons that some cats just don’t hush.

  • Have you fed your cat recently? This is the main reason a cat will meow. But if you find yourself constantly having to feed him/her, there may be a bigger [medical] problem.
  • A female cat in heat will meow constantly.
  • Did you get a new kitten? Typically kittens will meow while they adjust to the new family and the new home.
  • Cats are a lot like humans in the sense that if they lose someone, or another pet, that they’re close to, they will often ‘cry’ and mourn the loss through meowing.
  • Any major changes in their house or environment causes a cat to meow excessively.
  • Just like a baby, cats can’t talk. So when they want attention or food or a clean litter box, they will meow until the issue is resolved.
  • Cats, especially males, are very territorial. If another cat crosses their turf they tend to let their owners know through the use of meowing.
  • When a cat loses their cognitive ability in their old age, they meow a lot.
  • If that cat is sick, or has some medical issues they’ll meow in a lower pitch.
  • Cats are nocturnal animals. Therefore, they tend to meow more during the night.

(taken from:

So how do we deal with excessive meowing of our feline friends? Stay tuned in for the next blog posting to find out 🙂

Til we meet again!



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