Attention Cat – Take 2

So we covered WHY a cat may cry all the time, but now lets take a look at how to deal with a crying cat.

Caution: Some of this answers are meant to be silly.

Step 1: The first way you can deal with a crying cat is to figure out why they may be crying. Is their litter box clean? Are their food and water bowls full? If not, that’s most likely the reason your cat is crying.

Step 2: If you have other pets, your cat may be crying if something is wrong with them. I always go and check on Ping to make sure he’s not stuck somewhere if Pong is crying away. Sometimes Pong is meowing because there is a cat outside that’s scaring him.

Step 3: Think. Have you moved anything around recently? Or added new furnishings. Cat’s are like people in the sense that they don’t take to change very easily.

Step 4: Rule out any health issues. If your cat goes out doors a lot, they may have something pricking them. Check their paws, check for ticks, maybe a flea is bothering them? But maybe it’s internal. Take them to the vet. Maybe your kitty has a bladder infection. Sometimes the best way to tell is if their peeing in places other than their litter box and if there’s blood in their urine.

Or, you can always do some of the things I do. Sometimes cats cry for attention. So I give him attention in ways that will get him to stop ‘asking’ for attention and stop crying all together.

Singing seems to be the first way to get him to stop meowing…I don’t think he cares for my singing much…


He seems to like when I give him one of my toys. Or maybe he doesn’t like it…Either way he stops meowing.


Last thing I do if he hasn’t stopped, is just scoop him up and make him watch TV with me. He seems to enjoy that though…


Good luck my fellow cat lovers! Hope some of these tips help you with your excessively meowing cat.



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