Cats – Good for your health?

Everyone knows having a pet is always great to have. But are they actually known to be good for your health?

I’d, personally, say yes. Ping helped me through a very hard and depressing time in my life. I was kicked out of the place I resided in and more than anything, I needed a friend. Ping stuck with me every step of the way. He rode in the car with me when I was trying to find a place to stay, he slept by my head on those long tearful nights, he was home with me when my roommate was out late or went to Atlanta to visit her boyfriend over the weekend.

Bottom line, I don’t think I would have made it through the tough part of life without him. I was having relationship problems as well and he seemed like the only being to love me unconditionally.

And now, whenever I’m too busy for him, I feel horrible because he was there for me. So I try to be there for him as often as I can.

According to the examiner, cats aren’t only good for emotional health, but physical health as well.

They help boost your immune system. They know when we are sick and provide comfort during that time. But the feelings you feel towards your cat actually help boost your immune system in it’s entirety.

Research also shows that they help reduce anxiety and stress, which in turn helps decrease blood pressure problems. Makes sense to me!

They also help people live longer lives. The examiner says, “[They provide] a form of social interaction. So, if you want to be healthy and live a little bit longer, consider owning a cat.” goes more into depth about all the benefits that cat owners experience with their feline friends.

I thought it was fascinating that they help DECREASE allergies. This makes sense because my boyfriend was extremely allergic to cats until we got some of our own.

They also help decrease the risk of cancer. Hopefully that’s true because cancer runs on both sides of my family. I’m not sure how that works, but all the scientific stuff that goes into owning cats seems extremely fascinating.

So next time someone teases you about being the “crazy cat lady” (or man), you can think about how you’ll probably outlive them and die happy.


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