Cats Lie

Cats, like humans, feel the need to get comfortable during their naps. Cats are actually a lot like humans when it comes to sleeping. Not only do they drool when they’re fully relaxed and happy, but they also sleep in strange positions like humans do.

Both humans and cats like sleeping comfortably, even if it means sleeping on our heating pad.


Sometimes, we just feel the need to stretch out and let all our limbs relax.


Nothing beats sleeping in the great outdoors. Especially if you’re a cat. Hunt until you’re tired, sleep, wake up and hunt again!


Sometimes, we just pass out wherever we feel the need. Hey, I’ve been so tired that I’ve slept on a hardwood floor!


Sometimes, if its hot, I like my foot to touch the wall because the inside of the wall is nice and cool. I’m guessing that’s what Boots was getting at here.


Sometimes you have to find a nice warm cozy looking duffle bag in the back corner of your closest.


Or find a couple pillows to snuggle up to.


And sometimes, there’s nothing better than to cuddle up on a shelf with your favorite animal and sleep on some phone books.


Note: all photos taken courtesy of Sarah Fess (all rights reserved)


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