Conversations with Cats

This morning, as I got ready to go to school, I was straightening my hair and talking to Pong, who was sitting on the toilet watching me intently and answering my questions. Then I realized…I was talking to my cat. So, of course, I go online to see if this is normal, I imagine it is after reading articles of people marrying inanimate objects.

Then I found a site of this man, who lives with his girlfriend and her cat. Apparently they were a package deal. He was talking about how Jack (the cat) and him don’t get along and he wrote out some conversations that he and the cat have.

They were actually quite humorous.

THEN I got the brilliant idea to record conversations my that Pong and I (or Ping and I) have and translate them the best that I can. So here’s to you, kitty comedy fans, a humorous blog to lighten up your week! Especially since midterms are this week.

Me: What’d ya do today?

Pong: Went outside.

Me: Well, why?

Pong: A bird was keeping me up.

Me: And then what’d you say?

Pong: I said “Shut up bird!”

Me: And then?

Pong: I ate it.

Me: What’d you do then?

Pong: Went back inside.

Me: Well why?

Pong: Cause I wanna sleep!

Me: You gonna go take a nap now?

Pong: Sleeeeeeep.

Me: Don’t interrupt me.

Pong: I’m leaving.

Me: Okay….Go take your nap.

That’s the extent of our conversations.,,,

Hope you enjoyed! Maybe more will come!



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