Making bread.

I’m sure at one point or another, or in my case – everyday, we wonder why are beloved feline friends do what they do. Why do they purr? Why do they sleep so much? Why do they wash their fur after being pet? or why does my cat ‘knead’ the bread? (Or as I call it, “making bread”)

So I’m here to help answer the top five questions that I’ve been asked, and spent time researching this week. 

Why does my cat ‘make bread’?


When a cat is a newborn, they had to use their paws to knead on their mother during weaning. This mostly expresses a cats contentment or pleasure.

Why does my cat rub against me after I’ve been away for a couple hours?

Cats have glands along their tail, the side of their head, lips, chin, between their front paws, and near their sex organs. These glands are scent glands that release pheromones. Pheromones mark a cats territory as well as release a calming sensation for a cat. Cats do this on furniture, doorways, and other objects to mark it as their territory. Claiming things as there’s allows the cat to feel more in their element which in turn calms them.

Why does my cat bring me dead (or dying) creatures?


Cats do this for various reasons. In the past, people thought that their cats bringing them dead animals was meant to be seen as a “gift”. But in more recent research, it shows that cats bring dead creatures to their owners to show them the correct way to hunt. A mom cat brings dead animals back to her kittens to show them how to hunt and gather their own food. They want to make sure their owner also has fresh food available for them.

Why does my cat randomly bite me at times?


This is a funny question. Most people think biting is out of anger. But while some cats lick, other like to clamp down on an ankle or an arm temporarily. This is considered the equivalent to a cat kissing his owner. Just the same as some people express love through physical contact and some express it through actions, cats express love in different ways as well.

Why does a cat spend so much time grooming?


This question seemed pretty obvious to me. Cats are worried about personal hygiene. Little did I know, cat’s use grooming as a coping method. Coping, you ask? Have you ever noticed that a cat will groom itself right after a humiliating moment? If that cat falls, or gets scared, the resort to grooming themselves as if they meant to do it the whole time. Cats are more intelligent than I thought!


Hope this blog answered some questions that you all had 🙂 Feel free to ask any other questions and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

Happy trails!



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