Pong Drama

I had this blog all typed up and then the internet deleted it all. Just my luck.

Guess I’ll retype it in word before I past it here.

Cats never cease to amaze me. I always forget how hard they try to overcome the language barrier to communicate with us.

They really remind me of tiny little furry babies.

When I have something, Ping and Pong want it. When I’m doing something, (like brushing my teeth) Pong ‘questions’ it by tilting his head. When I’m sleeping, Pong cries periodically throughout the night.

Which brings me to, how do you know that your cat loves you, and isn’t just making you feel like you’re merely the cats keeper?

Cats show their love in a variety of different ways.

Cats love with their eyes. Did you know that if your cat slowly blinks at you from across the room, this is considered a cat kiss?

They also show you their love by where they sleep. Sleeping is the most vulnerable time for a cat, and they spend the most time doing it. So next time Fifi crawls up in your lap for a little cat nap, take it as a compliment. She is showing you that she has a lot of trust towards you.

Cats love to play. Playing with a companion shows how much they love you as well. If you think about it, it makes sense because YOU wouldn’t want to hang out with a complete stranger, right?

They love to shower their human companion with gifts. This one often confuses me because sometimes Ping will bring me a paper ball, that I threw in the trash days ago, and place it in my lap. I never know if he’s trying to play fetch with me, or if he’s bringing me a gift. So I always feel bad when I throw it and he brings it back.

Cats show their enjoyment and that they are content by kneading. When a cat needs this is another way of saying that they are completely at ease and comfortable where they are. Pong does this ALL the time (as you can see in this video)

They also love by scratching, spraying, and bunting. Scratching and bunting are pretty much the same. If you don’t know what bunting is, it’s another way of saying “head butt”. Cats love to leave their scent on things. It helps calm them down. When a cat “head butts” you, they are leaving their signature scent on you. When a cat scratches, they are also leaving their pheromones on the object they are scratching. (Cats have a lot of pheromones between their toes) – Spraying, on the other hand, is not as pleasant for humans. Pong doesn’t spray. He straight up PEES on things. It’s a way of showing their owner that they missed them, or that they have separation anxiety. Cats often do this on beds because it’s the place that smells most like their owner.

A cat rolling on its belly goes hand in hand with sleeping. If a cat really trusts you, they will expose their underside to you.

And lastly, purring. This is a lot like kneading. They’re showing their love towards their human when they purr.

(source: http://cats.about.com/od/amyshojai/tp/how-cats-show-love.htm)

With that said, enjoy this attack video!



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