Best Fraaands

Sometimes people come in to your life and they impact it greatly.

Ping was pretty much a loner when I first got him. He spent all of his time at my side. But I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for an animal, better yet a member of your family, to not be able to communicate to you.

That’s when Pong came into the picture. At first, Ping hated him. He would hiss, spit, hit, and run away from Pong. Meanwhile, Pong just wanted Ping to love him. He was there when I wasn’t there or couldn’t be there. Ping gradually started to like this concept.

Now the two won’t do anything apart from each other.

best fraands

Out of all the furniture in the house, they always find the same one to curl up and sleep on.

Well, people come into our lives much the same way.

When I was 14, I moved from Illinois down to Texas. I became really close to this girl named Lisa. She moved away after the first semester. So I struggled to find someone on my level of silliness.

I went to youth group with a girl in my class. And that’s when I met Mary. The next years were a blur but we were inseparable.

Finally someone understood me and my stupid humor. Someone who was there thru my first love, my first heartbreak, the first long trip away from home… Someone who knew what I wanted just from one look. Someone who could read my mind when the words wouldn’t come out.

I’d like to imagine that’s what Pong means to Ping. Even though they get frustrated with each other, and even when they’re away from each other for a little bit, they always come right back to each other stronger than ever.

I see mine and Mary’s friendship displayed in Ping and Pong every day. I know I don’t get to see Mary very often, but the times we do, we make up for all the lost time.

I’d like to thank her for giving me the greatest gift ever given — unconditional friendship and support.

And with that, I give you me and Mary.


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