Thunder Buddies

People always say, if you want a kid, babysit kids. I say, just get a cat or a dog. Especially if you want to ease into the world of parenting or caring for another human life.

While they’re a little more manageable, it’s still quite a task to take care of them, plus yourself. Maybe not as much as a baby, but still enough to make you tired.

I go to college full time, work almost 25-30 hours a week, and still have to find time to take care of myself and spend quality time with the cats. If Pong even thinks I’m neglecting him, he’ll pee on my stuff.

That doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time for blogging. But I make do. I really wanted to be able to vlog. But my straightener broke yesterday and I look like a mess. Definitely don’t want to vlog when my hair reaches to Mars!

Pong has finally stopped peeing on stuff. But I’ve had to manage my time a little better. I do some homework in the mornings, go to school, do more homework, and then go in to work. By the time I get off of work, I’m tired but I manage to drag myself into the shower and eat. After I’m done eating, and before I start reading my book, I find a good solid hour to play with the cats. More specifically, to play with Pong.

Usually I’m asleep by 1am and have to start at 7am the next day.

Boy is it a challenge most days, especially with medical issues. But I find time because they’re important to me.

Saturday night was when a storm rolled in. It was terrible and loud. Now usually it doesn’t creep me out, but when it sounds like bombs exploding because the thunder is directly over the house, yeah I’m going to be a little spooked. I jumped up out of bed and settled myself back in. When I woke up with the next crackle, I thought Pong was laying so close that he was going to become a permanent attachment. So I tried to turn and snuggle him in closer. Then I realized Ping was curled up with my leg.

Is this what having kids is like?

I’ve determined that they are now my thunder buddies. We curl up tight under the blankets and pretend the thunder isn’t even there.

 So while Pong may pee on the furniture, and Ping may scratch things up, they will always be right next to me in any storm that I am facing. And that’s the kind of true love that comes with parenting.


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